-Amanda Leigh Wong-Director of Amanda Leigh Style

“Style is more than just clothing. It’s a powerful tool!”


Amanda Leigh is a Hong Kong-based Fashion Stylist and Consultant.

She started her business in Sydney and has now been assisting her clients in Hong Kong since 2016. Her passion is to empower her clients with the combination of design principles and scientific strategies to help every woman be their best version.

Her interest in fashion started at a young age when the pages of Vogue inspired her to style her two younger sisters in whatever clothes or fabric she could find.

Amanda studied Fashion Design at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), but believed there was more to fashion than making pretty clothes for beautiful, thin and tall models. Whilst putting herself through university, Amanda worked many fashion retail jobs and enjoyed assisting customers above and beyond their expectations, where she quickly found her passion that combined helping people and her love of the fashion industry! After helping many loyal customers with fashion advice many requests were being made to take them out shopping, so ‘Amanda Leigh Style’ services started and customers became clients!

After studying at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne (the top Australian institution for Styling),  her business grew rapidly, working with leading  Australian designers such as Carla Zampatti and Bianca Spender, and great Australian retailers such as Cue and Woolmark.

Now living in Hong Kong, Amanda has redesigned her business to help busy women to navigate shopping and challenges that come with living in such a metropolitan city.

Amanda helps her clients to be empowered to design and construct their unique sense of style, motivating them to confidently maximize life’s opportunities.

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