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Most women struggle with what to wear every morning and it can leave you feeling defeated before the day has begun. Sometimes adding the simplest garments and accessories to an outfit can help you to feel more confident. From a classic blazer and a silk shirt to a statement piece of jewelry and a signature scent – all of these have the power to enhance your confidence and help you to get through the day. No matter if you are a high-powered executive breaking glass ceilings or a hard working stay at home mother, all these 5 items have the power to make you feel great!

1.The Classic Blazer-font-b-stylish-b-font-font-b-women-b-font-font-b-blazers-b-font (1)

Every woman needs a classic black blazer in her wardrobe. It is an item that can be worn to work, over a dress or casually with a pair of jeans. It also has the power to keep you warm in an air-conditioned room or when it gets cool at night. A blazer adds a finishing touch to your outfit and can be thrown over anything. It is a staple and timeless piece that will make you feel great every time!

*Stylist Tip:

There are many different types of blazers to choose from. Make sure the shape and fabric are best for your shape and lifestyle. A long line ‘boyfriend’ blazer can be more casual than a structured corporate blazer.

2. Statement Jewelery 

tara-lea-smith-pearl-gold-statement-necklace (1)A great piece of jewelry and other accessories can lift any outfit! It has the ability to transform whatever you are wearing! It doesn’t matter if it is a pair of 18 karat gold earrings or costume jewelry you bought from the markets, great accessories will enhance your confidence to any outfit!

*Stylist Tip:

Accessories are a great way to add a seasonal trend to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Just by changing your accessories, you can make it look like an entirely new outfit!


3. A pair of Stylish Shoes

16033115471_aba67cbc96_oThis season is all about the ‘Sports Lux’ look; so street style sneakers are everywhere! They are comfortable, easy to wear and trendy! But any comfortable shoe that makes you feel great and will add confidence. The right shoe changes your posture, so make sure those shoes carry you with confidence and grace! To stand tall is to portray confidence.

*Stylist Tip:

If you can’t walk or stand in them, then they probably will detract from your confidence! So avoid these as much as possible!

4. A Luxurious Feelfashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Silky dresses and soft silk silhouettes are definitely popular this season. Having a fabric that feels luxurious on your skin such as Silk, Cashmere or Faux Fur, can have you feeling great and will give you an element of luxury to any outfit.

*Stylist Tip:

Most luxurious fabrics such as silks are Dry Clean only. If you cannot commit to this upkeep, look at fibers such as Viscose that will give you a similar feel but can be gentle machine-washed with the same breathable qualities!

5. Your Favorite Scent

Your favorite perfume or eau de toilette can add that perfect scent to balance your strength and confidence, yet at the same timUnknowne giving you poise and femininity. It will enhance your presence and complete your outfit.

*Stylist Tip:

Once sprayed you may not notice the smell of your perfume. This is not an invitation to put more on! Putting more on may make it overpowering to other people. Simply spray into the air in front of you and walk into the mist (eyes and mouth closed). You will get an even light distribution of the scent.